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    Is There Life or Happiness after Death?

    March 23, 2016

    Spring blossoms

    By Lluvia Concha Pincock from Mexico

    Funeral services are sometimes referred to with the phrase “celebration of life,” and I love that. However, when I lost my beautiful mother, I didn’t care much for the term.

    My mom was the most talented, service-oriented being I’ve ever met. She always provided love, a shoulder to cry on, and an amazing example to all those around her. She was just 63 years old when she passed away.

    After the funeral, when the notes and phone calls of comfort stopped, I wanted everyone to continue being sad—because I was still sad. Even though I know we can live together as a family forever, it was hard to imagine my life without my mom. No more three-hour phone calls to help keep me sane and happy.

    One day my dad asked me if my pantry was stocked up. I didn’t know what he meant. He said, “When you are going to make dinner, you look in your pantry to make sure you have all the right ingredients. Hopefully, you have prepared over time and stocked your pantry with basic necessities. Then they’re at your fingertips when you need them.

    “It is the same in your relationship with Jesus Christ. You have spent your life gathering the spiritual ingredients for Him to bless you by praying, studying the scriptures, and trying to live like Him. Sometimes you don’t remember you have them, but they are always there. Now you must put those ingredients to use to find healing.”

    We often call Him the Creator, Prince of Peace, Mediator, Teacher, Healer, and Savior. But do we allow or ask Him to give us peace, to mediate for us, to teach us, or to save us? We tend to forget that one of the things He enjoys most is blessing us, which He can do if we ask.

    I needed help, pronto! So I knelt and begged my Heavenly Father that my Savior could please come and save me from my sorrow. I knew that He could heal me. Blessedly, it didn’t take very long before I noticed that the pain and grief was literally taken away. I found that in place of the pain, I was filled with precious feelings of closeness to my sweet, beautiful mother.

    I used to live 2,000 miles from my mom. I needed to hear her voice, so I called her every day. There may be no more phone calls or trips to see her, but I know she lives. I know that she is still smiling and serving others. When I need her, I can feel her loving comfort. My mom taught me about angels who provide love and help, and I know my mom is one of those angels now.

    I have learned that I can rejoice and “celebrate” my mom’s life every day. She was a disciple of Jesus Christ. She followed Him, and because of her obedience, she was not afraid to die. She had peace. So can I.

    I know that because Jesus Christ lives, we will all live again. I will see my mom’s smile and dance with her again.

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