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    Introducing the How To Channel: Practical, Simple Help

    February 5, 2018

    Some things are easier said than done. Thanks to the endless online information at your fingertips, you can usually figure it out. Suddenly, sifting through all of that info becomes the bigger challenge. That’s where How To comes in. Visit to subscribe and browse the videos.

    Created by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, How To is a brand new YouTube channel built with your needs in mind. No matter your age or the life problems you’re seeking to solve, you’ll find simple, practical help there. Videos from reliable sources around the web are compiled into playlists relevant to the issues you and so many others face today.

    For example, if you’re new to adulthood and wondering which career could possibly be right for you, try the Move Forward with Choosing a Career playlist. Benjamin Todd’s TEDx talk about finding work you love is a good listen for those who already have a career and want to reinvent it, too.

    Similarly, people of all ages could find help in the playlist created for young adults on how to recover from an addiction. So far, most of the videos there come from Faces and Voices, an American nonprofit organization dedicated to all things recovery. New videos and topics will be added to the channel regularly.

    Struggling in marriage? Wondering how to help refugees and immigrants? Looking for knowledge on children’s mental health? Find ideas and information on How To—like this Talks at Google message on the science of great relationships:

    New videos are added weekly. Visit to subscribe and stay updated on what’s new.