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    Intro to Here to Help

    November 21, 2014

    New Mormon Channel Series: Here to Help

    Today, the Mormon Channel launched a new monthly radio series entitled Here to Help. Producer for the series, Dani Hayes, says that the premise of the program is “a service-oriented audio documentary” designed to help inspire people to perform service in their own communities and beyond.

    Hayes and her team visit people who are involved in various service projects both locally and abroad and interview them in the hopes of motivating listeners to go out and do their own type of service in the community, even when there may not be an official “service project” organized there. In fact, most of the stories on Here to Help feature individuals who have seen a need in their own communities and have created totally new service projects from scratch! “They just had an idea, they went with it, and they helped a lot of people,” says Hayes.

    The first episode of Here to Help features a local Utah garage sale now in its 16th year. Originally started by Elizabeth Stitt when she was just 14 years old to raise money for local charities, the Ogden Valley Charity Garage Sale has raised over $100K over the years to help the Make-A-Wish Foundation, among other organizations.  Hayes said, “If everyone does their part, then a lot can be done. I just hope that [listeners] will feel that they can do something as one person—because it’s amazing what one idea can spiral into if that idea is one about service; you can see miracles happen.”

    Stay tuned on the Mormon Channel for weekly episodes of Here to Help, and if you know of any great service projects coming up, please email