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    July 25, 2015

    Today is special for members of the LDS Church—July 24 marks the 168th anniversary of the first pioneers arriving in 1847 in the territory that would become the state of Utah. Led first by Joseph Smith and then by Brigham Young, they were driven from state to state because many local governments didn’t agree with their religious beliefs or practices. After sacrificing much and confronting death and difficult weather, the LDS pioneers continued to show faith and were finally able to settle in a peaceful territory where they could worship freely and establish themselves. While many members do not have ancestors who were among the original pioneers, we can all celebrate the sacrifices these pioneers made for religious freedom. No matter when you or your family joined the LDS Church, you can be a pioneer for others in your own way.

    This month the LDS Church History Department and the Family History Department are sponsoring a new social media campaign called #IAmAPioneer. The campaign offers a universally inspiring message: We can all lead the way for future generations because of the solid foundations of faith that we build today.

    Everyone has a valuable story to tell. To participate in the campaign, simply share a message of faith about the legacy you want to leave using #IAmAPioneer on social media. You can also encourage others to learn about their ancestors or share their own legacy on After all, who is a pioneer? Someone who blazes trails and makes a better life possible for those who follow. We can all do that in our own way.

    To help get you and your family in the Pioneer spirit this week, we’ve compiled a great playlist for you to enjoy together! Click here.