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    I Am a Child of God

    January 15, 2015


    A young girl’s voice sings the simplest of lyrics: “I am a child of God.”

    Her voice is then joined by more and more voices adding lines and echoing the important lesson taught in the song. Little by little, they all sing their thoughts about our life and purpose here on earth.

    Simple, yes. But what happened after that was more powerful.

    Shortly after the music video was released, the thoughts and feelings that people shared about it mirrored exactly what happened in the video: they grew and grew, with each contributor sharing feelings until the comments became a powerful stamp of approval on everything that had just been sung.

    One person wrote, “This song made me feel the spirit so much, I cried. I don’t get spiritual a lot, but this was another very good experience for me. :)”

    Emily Grace admitted, “This song always moves me somehow.”

    Russell Mathews listened and wrote, “It was amazing. It was just so great.”

    And Susan Remington shed “tears and tears of joy” from listening to the song and feeling its message.

    The video has been viewed more than a million times, and there are close to a thousand comments from people who say, “beautiful,” “touching,” “fantastico,” “bello,” and others. It’s a testament to the universal message of the song.

    While the song is a favorite among members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, what is amazing are the comments from people of all religions.

    “You don’t have to be Mormon to love this song,” Lucille Gauthier posted. “You don’t even have to be Christian. I love the first part. That’s so beautiful.”

    Ana de Coss said she was “Catholic, but this is a beautiful song.”

    Angharad Bottomley commented, “I’m not LDS, but I love this beautifully worded song. Thank you.”

    And Gervie Acain summed it up with “We are sons and daughters of God, all of us, regardless of our religion. I love this song and it radiates how the Savior loves us.”

    The video has done exactly what the lyrics of the song teach: it has reached out to the world to show that we are all children of God. Regardless of where we live, the language we speak, or the church we attend, each one of us is a “child of God, and He has sent us here.” It’s part of God’s plan so that we can each return “to live with Him someday."

    Learn about the history of this hymn here.