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    How You Can Know Who God Really Is

    October 16, 2018

    Who is God?

    Some see God as a cruel religious dictator. He’s an all-knowing and powerful heavenly being, yet He allows bad things to happen to good people on earth. Others see God as their Heavenly Father, who is full of love, grace, and forgiveness. There are some who don’t know if they even believe if God is real.

    If you are someone who falls into the latter category, know that there is a God. And you can know it for yourself. You can know it as you look for and ask to feel the hope of God’s light and His love surrounding you. You can even know it by simply looking around you at this beautiful earth you live on. President Thomas S. Monson has said, “If there is a design in this world in which we live, there must be a Designer. Who can behold the many wonders of the universe without believing that there is a design for all mankind? Who can doubt that there is a Designer?”

    If you fall into the first category, you know that there is a God. You also know that He is all-powerful and all-knowing. But sometimes when something terrible happens to someone you love or you hear about all the bad things happening to children around the world, it makes you wonder how someone so powerful can let these things keep happening and allow those He created to keep suffering.

    What you have to remember is that while God is all-powerful and all-knowing, He also loves and cares for us and wants each of us to find happiness. And because of His deep love, He’s given us the gift of agency—the freedom to choose, do, and accomplish.

    Unfortunately, sometimes people use their agency to make bad decisions that unfairly affect others. But even when you are affected by someone’s poor choices or unexplainable circumstances, God isn’t a God of punishment or vengeance. He is perfect in His ability to always love and care for us, and God’s plan for us is a plan of happiness.

    How to Know Who God Is to You

    So, how can you come to know the real God? When you’re asked, “Who is God to you?” how can you answer that He is your Heavenly Father—the Supreme Creator of all things, who loves and cares for you perfectly and is filled with mercy and charity—and believe your answer?

    You have to develop a stronger and closer relationship with God. You do that by keeping in constant communication with Him through daily prayer—sincere prayer where you’re on your knees submitting to His grace, asking for forgiveness, asking for inspiration and spiritual insight, and thanking Him for all He’s given to you.

    As you seek and develop a meaningful and personal relationship with God, your knowledge of Him will increase. You will also have a greater desire to keep His commandments and see yourself the way that God sees you—as His son or daughter who has divine potential.

    As imperfect humans, it can be hard for us to comprehend the vast nature of who God is and what He is like. But as you develop and continually strengthen your personal relationship with God, you can confidently know who God is to you.