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    History of the Mormon Channel

    October 13, 2014

    Mormon Channel: Then and Now

    When the Mormon Channel radio station was launched in May 2009, listeners were few and programs were fewer. Five years later, the radio stream is now a staple in the lives of many.

    Before content for programs was created, Mormon Channel’s stream consisted of general conference audio and Mormon Tabernacle Choir music. However, within its first year, Mormon Channel had its first original series: The Light of Men, a radio drama depicting the life of Jesus Christ.

    Mormon Channel is all about firsts; in fact, its mobile app was the first of its kind released by the Church, preceding LDS Tools and the Gospel Library. The app provides audio, video, and other media aimed to lift and inspire users no matter when or where they need it.

    We now proudly present to you another first for us, the official blog for the Mormon Channel—an additional resource for you to find more insight into the programs that we air, as well as a way to add hope and inspiration to your day.

    “The Lord knows exactly what each person needs; He knows how to succor His people. And He can do that, in part, through the Mormon Channel,” said Rob Boshard, manager of Mormon Channel.

    As the world goes increasingly into the digital sphere, everyone needs some hope, inspiration, and help wherever they may be. Our desire here at Mormon Channel is to give you daily opportunities to experience the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ and to share that experience with others either online or in person.

    “Heavenly Father loves His children,” Rob said, “and if we can show, in some small way, just a portion of that love so they see it and feel it in their hearts, then we’ve accomplished our goal.”

    The past, current, and future support of Mormon Channel is what propels its growth and helps us accomplish that goal. Thank you! We hope that you enjoy our programs and new blog, and we welcome any and all comments to help us improve.