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    His Grace: There is Always Hope

    March 6, 2015

    Pornography addiction affects men and women of all ages and faiths. Elizabeth Johnson reminds us of that fact in the latest episode of His Grace, in which she shares her personal experience. Her story is also a reminder that no matter how lost in darkness you may feel, hope is available to anyone who chooses to believe in Jesus Christ.

    Elizabeth came across pornography when she was just 11 years old. That encounter sparked a long struggle with addiction, fear, and hopelessness. Out of shame, she kept it to herself.

    “Part of me wanted so much to hide what was going on inside of me. I didn’t want anybody to look at me and be able to guess that I was struggling with anything,” she says.

    Aching for help, Elizabeth secretly researched information on dealing with her addiction. She was disappointed to find that most help available to the public was geared toward men. She felt more alone than ever. Was she the only woman addicted to pornography?

    Director and producer Devan Butler hopes viewers will realize that pornography addiction is even more prevalent than they might guess.

    “Elizabeth mentioned that when pornography was discussed in her Church lessons, people often assumed no one in the room actually had a problem with it,” he says. “Church is the one place she should have felt the possibility of recovery. I hope this video changes the way we address pornography in that setting.”

    Having faith in Jesus Christ and His ability to heal her was the key to Elizabeth’s recovery. Through sincere prayer she gained control over her addiction one day at a time.

    “Addiction knows no bounds. It could affect anybody, man or woman,” she says. “Christ and His saving grace also know no bounds and can heal any heart and lift any person out of the depths of despair.”