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    Here to Help: The Power of Canine Companions

    January 19, 2016

    Recently, Mormon Channel media producer Charlotte Keneipp traveled to Chicago to find out more about the wonderful animal service group Canine Therapy Corps. It’s a group of volunteers comprised of dogs and their owners who travel to hospitals, college campuses, and veteran and rehab centers around the city to provide comfort and healing.

    In this month’s Here to Help episode, you’ll get to listen in while the group of volunteers travels to the Columbia College campus for a de-stressing event. The college students had finals coming up soon, so the reprieve from studying to play with some cuddly, furry companions was welcomed with a lot of excitement.

    Toward the end of the episode, we hear from the Canine Therapy Corps founders, Callie Cozzolino and Ann Davidson, who share with us some sweet experiences that they’ve had volunteering with their dogs and the power that this service has to change so many people’s lives, especially the dog owners.

    The hope of this episode is to inspire you to realize that there are so many ways to serve. Just look around you: what blessings, talents, or resources do you have? Could these potentially make someone else’s life happier or easier?

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