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    Here to Help: Rebuilding Life through Poetry

    August 18, 2015

    The newest Here to Help episode is an incredible story about discovering your talents and using them to make a difference.

    When Brandon Crockett moved to Chicago to work as a copywriter, he wanted to help people. That is exactly what he has done as he is now in his seventh year teaching a poetry class in the St. Leonard’s Halfway House for recently released convicts.

    Brandon didn’t have much experience writing, but after a few months at St. Leonard’s, he asked if he could teach a poetry class. So on the second Tuesday of every month, the students sit down to discuss poetry and write, processing their thoughts in that way helps them understand themselves in a deeper way.

    A few of Brandon’s students, previous and current, shared their thoughts on the class. One student, Jesse, talks about how writing allowed him to think more deeply about things. “In order to write, you have to think. It is therapeutic. I feel better equipped to meet situations and live more fruitfully as an individual.”

    Marketta is another graduate of the program. Through poetry, she has learned about dealing with conflict and turning toxic situations into a positive, and she wants to help others do the same. “I see nothing but rising to the top, because I’ve got so much in me that I can give back; it’s going to be explosive.”

    Gayle, the volunteer coordinator at St. Leonard’s, has seen the positive changes in the students’ lives. She encourages listeners to give what time they can to help others. Brandon gives an hour once a month, but he has given so much in that hour. A small amount of your time means so much to someone else.

    In the episode, Brandon discusses how you can discover and develop your talents through helping others. He advises, “Commit to do something greater. That commitment is the important part. Whether or not your talent is fully developed, or if you have any talent at all, just jump in and see where it goes.”

    Did this episode inspire you? What are you going to do to make a difference?

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