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    Here to Help: Haircuts for the Homeless

    November 20, 2015

    If you’ve spent much time around Salt Lake City, you’ve undoubtedly noticed some of the homeless people wandering the streets. It’s easy to pass by these people and judge them for their appearance: if their hair and clothing is unkempt, you could assume that they’re scary or unapproachable. While appearances can convey a lot, they can also be deceiving.

    The latest episode of the Mormon Channel audio series Here to Help interviews a group that would like to help with this. Care Cuts is a service group of singles in the city that is based on the premise that, as one of their founders stated, “First impressions mean a lot.” Care Cuts offers free haircuts, manicures, makeovers, and donated clothing to the homeless through donations from several stylists, salons, and church groups in the area. They set up shop once a month near two of the major shelters in the area to service the residents. Their goal is to help people clean up their image and have better success in finding jobs so they can work to get themselves out of the situation they are in.

    Hundreds of homeless individuals and families line up every month to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. As you listen to the episode, you can sense the excitement and gratitude in their voices. This service truly gives them a new outlook on life and themselves. It opens up doors for them that would normally be closed.

    As one of the founders and volunteers for Care Cuts said in closing, she is so grateful for this group and opportunity because “it’s changed my heart.”

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