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    Here to Help: Flash Flood Rescue

    April 22, 2015

    A violent flash flood rushed over the small city of Rexburg, Idaho, in the summer of 2014, damaging homes, businesses, and farms. The streets were transformed into muddy rivers deep enough for some to kayak through. Even more impressive than the force of the flood brought on by a summer storm was the immediate and selfless response of Rexburg’s citizens to each other’s needs.

    We sent Mormon Channel team member Sarah Eyring to see the incredible service being rendered in Rexburg, where her parents live. She was touched, though not surprised, to witness the outpouring of love the flood had inspired.

    “I have always known there is a special spirit of love and happiness in Rexburg,” Sarah says, “but it was truly wonderful to see what those people were willing to do for each other in a time of emotional and physical need. I would not have believed what they accomplished in just a few days of cleanup it if I had not seen it.”

    To learn more about what happened to Rexburg during and after the flood, check out the new episode of Here to Help. You can find opportunities to give similarly uplifting service by visiting