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    Happy Families: When Divorce Happens

    November 2, 2015

    Do you wonder if you are losing sight of what really matters? The following simple yet profound principle, explained by a single mom of four, could change your perspective.

    Conni Chavez was married for 22 years before she and her husband divorced. Today, she works hard to support her kids in every way. In an honest interview, she told us her story and what she hopes you can learn from it.

    “I hope that they see that family can still be happy,” she states simply.

    After her divorce, Conni focused on teaching her kids that life is what you make of it. She reminds them that their parents’ divorce should not define their happiness or future experiences.

    “You choose if you’re going to be happy,” she teaches them. “You’re in charge of that. We’re in charge of that—individually and collectively.”

    This is a good reminder, no matter your age or family situation.

    “You don’t have to have everything perfect to be happy. … When things come into your path, you kind of have to choose to see the joy and learn from the experience,” Conni says.

    See what a day in the life of the Chavez family is like in this sweet Happy Families episode.