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    Happy Families: Tonight’s Family Activity

    August 3, 2015

    Looking for something fun to do with your family tonight? Look no further! This activity is quick and easy and will leave you feeling inspired.

    Below are five videos about families just like yours, learning to love and be happy every day. Grab a snack, take a seat, and watch them together. Talk about your favorite parts. What made you smile? Which ideas do you want to incorporate into your family culture? What does your family already do that you love?

    1. “It’s great. They crack me up. And they also infuriate me sometimes.”

    2. “The home can very easily become a place that is just full of expectations for children. But I think for kids, it’s also very important to know that they can have fun here, that they can be themselves here.”

    3. “I hope we don’t come across as a perfect family or like we are happy all the time. On the contrary, we have our struggles and have shared many disappointments, just like everyone else.”

    4. “It’s such an interesting group of people to have as a family,” she says, “but there’s just no question of us being meant to be together.”

    5. “There is nothing like good, wholesome fun together. Having that type of time somehow fills and sustains the soul in ways that nothing else can.”