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    Happy Families: Tips for Motivating Your Kids

    February 2, 2015

    If you have some trouble getting your children to complete their daily chores, Claire Kenny and her family have a tip for you.

    “As they say, ‘necessity is the mother of invention.’ Well, it was a necessity that my kids move along in the mornings without me with them every step of the way,” Claire explains.

    Her kids use tangible reminders they call “tags,” which hang on small wall hooks in their bedrooms. Each of the five tags represents a chore. Once a chore is done, the kids move its corresponding tag from one hook to the other. This trick not only helps the kids keep track of what’s done and what is left to do; it also gives them a rewarding sense of accomplishment.

    Claire’s daughter Sarah uses the tags every day. “It helps me to remember my chores, like to pick up my toys or make my bed,” she says.

    Try this trick by saving the image below to your desktop and printing it. In addition to tags for chores just like those in the video, we have given you a template tag you can fill out with personalized chores.

    Though Claire has found successful, creative ways to teach her children discipline, she’s no stranger to moments of disorder.

    “There is still a good dose of reminders and—dare I say—nagging that goes on to make sure those tags get done,” she readily admits. “But it’s nice to say, ‘Go do your tags!’”

    What parenting tricks do you use to motivate your kids? Share them in the comments!

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    Save the image below by right-clicking on it or dragging it to your desktop, then print it.