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    Happy Families: Sweet and Simple Fun

    April 27, 2015

    What makes your family happy? We bet these two things are on the list: spending time together and saving money while doing it. If that is the case, we have a list of 10 family night activities we think you will love.

    We were inspired after watching the latest Happy Families episode, featuring the Goodjohns. They prefer to keep their family time sweet and simple.

    “When we go to the park, we turn little, mundane things into fun. … We don’t have an agenda,” says Troy Goodjohn.

    The activities below are inexpensive and perfect for family time.

    1. Play at the park, like the Goodjohns.

    2. Visit the library and read your favorite books together. Check a few out for later.

    3. Make a tasty treat. We have recipes for chocolate cake and sweet Indian bread.

    4. Write letters to extended family members or missionaries.

    5. Watch Mormon Messages for kids, youth, and everyone else.

    6. Do yard work. Play an outside game or have a picnic to celebrate when you are done.

    7. Research your family history.

    8. Find out when the sun sets in your area and watch it go down.

    9. Write a play or musical program. Consider preforming it at a nursing home.

    10. Read the scriptures and share your testimonies.

    Tell us which ideas you try, or share a few more in the comments.