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    Happy Families: Showing Love to Those Who Are Lonely

    February 1, 2016

    This month, while many of us are thinking of the friends and family we love, let us also think of the people around us who are lonely. What can you do for them? There are opportunities all around to lift them.

    Thomas S. Monson wisely suggested, “As we resolve to minister more diligently to those in need, let us remember to include our children in these learning lessons of life.”

    Consider these family-friendly activities that will help you show much needed love to those who feel alone, especially at this time of year.

    • Take a treat to the home of a widowed neighbor.
    • Visit residents at a nursing home.
    • Invite one of your single adult friends to family dinner.
    • Write letters to a missionary living far from home.
    • Make care kits for the homeless.
    • Reach out to the refugees in your community and offer your help with something they need.

    Share your service activity ideas in the comments to help and inspire others!