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    6 Tips from Real, Happy Families

    September 14, 2015

    Searching for some strategies to make your home and family the happiest they can be? These mothers, fathers, and siblings are sharing their best tips for doing just that.

    1. “We try to make our home a place where they want to be, where the kids really want to be, where they want to bring their friends—a fun place to be. We feel like when you’re having fun together then you’re loving one another and you’re going to be happy.” —Phil Kenny, father of six

    2. “We make it a point to include everyone when any of us does things that are ordinarily done individually. [My husband], Neville, takes our kids to his design projects so that they can measure and photograph for him while he meets with the clients and takes notes. This has introduced them to his trade and hopefully may inspire them in their careers someday.” —Tanya Pereira, mother of three

    3. “Every family has their own skills or talents or something that’s unique to them. It’s really about finding those things and spending the time together—making the excuse to be able to work together, to play together. —Christy Lewis, mother of four

    4. “I really feel that Jesus Christ is the key to a happy family. If you think of it, all of the characteristics that Christ exemplified are those necessary to have a truly happy family—patience, love, obedience, humility, and more. I believe that so long as we strive to live as the Savior lived, we’ll discover a level of happiness in our families that nothing else can bring.” —Josh Davies, one of seven siblings

    5. “At times, the everyday tasks in a family of eight can get a little overwhelming. It can be hard to squeeze in time to have fun as a family. Honestly, I learned from a friend that sometimes the only way to fit in those important family times (like family home evening) is to put them on the calendar, or they just won’t happen.” —Claire Kenny, mother of six

    6. “The biggest thing to remember is little ones want to be with you. They want to learn from you. If you can remember that patience pays more than efficiency when involving them in day-to-day tasks, the benefits will be amazing!” —Connie Chavez, single mother of four

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