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    Happy Families: Parenting Single But Never Alone

    March 9, 2015

    Many of you told us how much you enjoyed getting a peek into the lives of Conni Chavez and her four kids in the latest Happy Families episode. Together they remind us that loving family relationships are worth the time and effort required to form them. We heard from countless single parents striving to fill their homes and families with happiness.

    Alva Escarzaga, a single mother of two, said, “I love this video. It gives me hope that my kids can be happy, and it motivates me to be patient and loving.” She added, “Life as a single mom has some good days, but most of them are hard and exhausting.”

    Conni expressed similar feelings, saying, “There is no time to ever stop—always 100-miles a minute. I have learned that … Heavenly Father will make more out of the resources you have as a single parent. He makes it like the loaves and fishes. Even though it never seems like there is enough time, money, or patience to go around, somehow there always is.”

    We asked Alva to share some of her thoughts and experiences as a single mother. Are you or someone you love a single parent? Share your own thoughts and words of encouragement in the comments.

    What is the hardest thing about being a single mother?

    The physical and emotional energy it takes is extremely exhausting. There is no break, and what is worse is that at the end of the day you feel it will just never be enough.

    How do your kids make it easier?

    They are very caring and always tell me that they love me. They also recognize what I do and tell me that they appreciate it.

    What do you wish others understood about single parenthood?

    Even if we don’t have time or energy to go places most of the time, we still need to be treated like we are normal people. In my case, when I became a single mom, I didn’t get invited to family parties anymore. Others would tell me they feel sorry for me, or would only want to talk about the difficult situation I was going through. All I want is to take a break and forget about it.

    Do you ever feel too overwhelmed to make time for family activities and discussions, especially as a busy single mother? What helps you move past that feeling?

    Yes, there have been a few times that family night or scripture reading just doesn’t happen because I’m too tired. How do I deal with it? I just cry it out and then pray for help and forgiveness. There have been times when I am too exhausted and pretend that I forget, but my son will remind me that we haven’t read scriptures. So my kids are the reason I move past it.