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    Happy Families: More than DNA

    May 18, 2015

    The Davies family shares what makes their family unique and how they love each other no matter what!

    Being family is not all about sharing DNA. Jim and Becky Davies and their seven children, four of whom are adopted, are certain about that. Their family is as unique as it is fun. You will love meeting them in the new episode of Happy Families, released today.

    “It’s such an interesting group of people to have as a family, but there’s just no question of us being meant to be together,” says Jess, the first daughter to be adopted by the Davies.

    Rachel and Jake, their eldest children, were born biologically by Becky. That those two children came into their family was miraculous, considering the infertility challenges the Jim and Becky faced. The miracles didn’t stop there.

    Soon after getting in touch with a private adoption agency, they were chosen to be the parents of Jess and then Kristin. Trevor came along when the Davies received a call from the hospital. His birthmother had left and told the nurses to place Trevor for adoption.

    Just 22 months later, Josh arrived through a family acquaintance. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all came several years later when Becky learned she was pregnant with their youngest, Natalie.

    “The love that we share is this amazing, amazing love. No matter where we came from, when we came, how we came—it’s not this perfect science, but it’s the most beautiful gift,” says Rachel.

    The Davies’ story reminds us of the exciting announcement made by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in March. LDS Family Services and have partnered to create more adoption opportunities for hopeful LDS couples.

    There has never been a better time to build a family and enjoy the blessings that follow.