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    Happy Families: Meet the Kennys

    January 26, 2015

    Ways you can have a happy family

    We are excited to introduce our new series, “Happy Families!” These short blog posts and videos will give you a peek into the daily lives of families doing the best they can to learn, love, and grow.

    The first episode in the series follows the Kenny family. With six kids under the age of 12, the Kennys are busy to say the least, but they are never too busy to remember what is most important—family time.

    That time can be hard to come by and even harder to capture on film. So how did the camera crew do it?

    “We decided to focus on whatever time the families spent together, even if that meant early in the morning before school or mealtimes,” says producer and director Joel Ackerman. “Seeing how families found ways to make these times meaningful was very interesting (and helpful, as a father myself).”

    The Kennys find time together as they get ready for the day. Fun stories and sweet songs are part of the morning routine, along with chores and homework. Like all of the families in the series, they have found tricks and tips that work for them. But the happiness they feel at home is available to everyone.

    “The discipline and consistency even of simple, fun things makes for a family that is unified,“ says Ackerman. “I feel like the series could be called ‘Happy Habits.’ … Their parents just provide opportunities where the family can all do something fun together and then do it often.”

    Not only are the principles found in these families’ stories easy to apply; they are important to try.

    “I’ve learned that it’s important for families, especially children, to do things that give them a sense of family identity. It unifies the family, but it also gives the children an idea that they are somebody who belongs to a confident group,” explains Ackerman, “and that gives them confidence.”

    “On the blog, we will share ideas inspired by every episode,” says Sarah Eyring, a Mormon Channel blogger. “Expect tips, recipes, games, and more! We know that love, work, and wholesome recreational activities help make families successfulThe hope is that we can help you make your family a happy one by exploring the principles taught inThe Family: A Proclamation to the World.”

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