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    Happy Families: Making Group Goals

    January 4, 2016

    The beginning of each new year is an opportunity to change. But why do it alone? Consider making goals with your family members, who can support and encourage you when your commitment wavers.

    These group goals could include giving service once a day, attending all of your Church meetings throughout the week, or having nightly family prayer. Below are a few more ideas from the families featured in our Happy Families video series.

    1. Eat dinner as a family. The Chavez family has found that dinnertime is the perfect time to unwind and bond together. They shared a few of their favorite recipes with us.

    2. Dochores together. The Lewis family knows that working together makes household chores more fun and less time consuming.

    3. Learn more about a topic you’ve always wanted to study. The science experiments the Oh family do together look like a lot of fun. They also tried living on Mars time together when their father was part of a NASA team working on the Mars rover.

    Tell us what goals you’re going to make with your family. Your ideas could inspire others!