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    Happy Families: Love at Home

    April 20, 2015

    The Goodjohn family shares what makes their blended family successful

    Families are unique in their styles, structures, and interests, but any family can feel happy and complete when there is love at home.

    Troy and Nandi Goodjohn have discovered that principle is key to successfully blending their families. Nandi has two kids from a previous relationship who live in South Africa. She and Troy take care of Troy’s 8-year-old daughter, Dior, who spends every other week living with her mom.

    “It’s not easy for families to blend together. There are always complications,” Troy admits.

    Nandi knows that stepmothers are not always portrayed as kind and caring on television or in movies, so she is careful to show Dior her love every day. Troy says his daughter can sense something more “cozy” when Nandi is around.

    “I love Dior,” Nandi says. “The love I’m getting from her … is just amazing,”

    The Goodjohns’ strong family bonds make spending time together extra fun, even when they are doing something simple like going to the park. They run, ride bikes, jump rope, and laugh.

    “When we’re together, it feels like a sense of completion,” Nandi explains.

    Get to know the Goodjohns in the latest episode of Happy Families, and tell us what makes your family unique and happy in the comments.