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    Happy Families: Keeping Home a Happy Place

    July 20, 2015

    What is the atmosphere like in your home today? Is happiness the overall feeling? Or are stress and chaos taking over? If they are, Boyd K. Packer has a simple word of advice.

    “Find happiness in ordinary things, and keep your sense of humor,” he encouraged.

    That principle is a main focus for the Puente family. In the latest episode of Happy Families, they show us how keeping their humor makes time together much more fun. As the parents of two sets of twin boys just two years apart, Ian and Melissa Puente are learning to balance structure and flexibility.

    “The home can very easily become a place that is just full of expectations for children,” says Ian. “But I think for kids, it’s also very important to know that they can have fun here, that they can be themselves here.”

    The Puentes encourage that culture in their home with activities like basketball, pizza making, and family chores.

    “When we do have those moments that are fun and we’re enjoying our kids and they’re enjoying us, it feels so rewarding,” explains Melissa.

    What can you do today to create an atmosphere of happiness in your home?