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    Happy Families: Can Science and Faith Coexist?

    October 20, 2015

    All views expressed in this blog post are solely those of David Oh and the Mormon Channel, not necessarily NASA.

    David Oh, a NASA rocket scientist featured in the latest Happy Families episode, recently shared his testimony of the power that science has to strengthen faith in God.

    “When I look at the photos of [outer space], I really think it shows us the amazing diversity of creation that’s out there, which is all part of the beauty of God’s work,” he said.

    Many may wonder if faith and science can coexist in their minds and hearts. In David’s professional and personal opinion, one actually can’t exist without the other.

    “I find that science strengthens my faith; it doesn’t weaken it. God is all around us, and faith and science are really two sides of the same coin, which is to search for truth,” he explained. “All truth is part of one great whole. I believe ultimately that the two are drawn to the same conclusions.”

    While David worked on the operations team that landed the Mars rover, he and his family chose to try living on Martian time. According to David, a Martian day lasts 40 minutes longer than an Earth day. During the family experiment, David’s kids enjoyed asking questions and discovering answers about Mars and other planets.

    “Science teaches you to think critically and also not to be afraid of questions,” David said, “and I don’t think we should be afraid of questions about our faith. The answers that I get ultimately strengthen my faith, and I really think it will be like that for all.”

    Listen to the full interview with David here, and then let us know what your thoughts on the harmony of faith and science are.