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    Happy Families: Bread and Bonding

    April 6, 2015

    Looking for a tasty treat to whip up tonight? Look no further! The Pereira family has just the thing for you, and if you have seen the latest episode of Happy Families, you probably already know what we are referring to. Their chapati recipe is savory and sweet (if you add a bit of sugar), and the best part is that family members of all ages can participate in making it.

    Chapati is unleavened bread that is popular in India, where Tanya and Neville Pereira grew up. Their parents taught them how to make it. Now, you can learn to make it for yourself and pass the recipe on to your own children. Print the recipe card below so your family can get cooking.

    For a clearer idea of how to roll, fold, and bake the bread, watch the Pereiras do it their favorite way.