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    Happy Families: 3 Tips for Teaching Children the Gospel

    September 21, 2015

    If you are looking for simple ways to teach your children about basic gospel principles and standards, this article is for you.

    With six kids under the age of 12, Phil and Claire Kenny have found that morning time is the busiest time in their home. But they have a few tricks for keeping the chaos in check. While everyone eats breakfast, Claire reads aloud from Friend, an LDS children’s magazine full of stories that make the gospel easy to grasp for her kids.

    “While their mouths are full, they can’t talk back, they can’t bug their brother or sister, we sit there, and I’m able to read to them … these nice little inspirational stories that teach a lesson,” she says. “Sometimes I end up in tears because I love the stories, and the kids are like, ‘Why are you crying, Mom?’”

    In addition to magazines like the Friend, here are three other resources made especially for parents and teachers trying to teach their children about the gospel and fill their lives with light.

    1. Children and Gospel Worship

    This two-part radio special features advice from Matthew O. Richardson, formerly of the Sunday School general presidency, and members of the Primary general presidency. Their tips on worshipping together as a family could inspire you.

    2. Book of Mormon Stories

    The stories of the Book of Mormon are brought to life and made clear in these animated videos. In a similar audio version of the series, the Book of Mormon teachings are explained and discussed by Primary teachers and children. Watch and listen to them as a family.

    3. Advice from Stephanie Nielson

    This inspiring burn survivor and mother of five shares her personal experience teaching her kids about the gospel. She lets you in on what works for her family and why. Her testimony is touching.

    How do you help your kids understand the gospel? Share your ideas in the comments for others to read and try.

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