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    Happy Families: 3 Reasons to Be Grateful for Family

    January 18, 2016

    Sometimes we take the most special things for granted. Though you might not always appreciate your family members, these three stories will remind you why it is a blessing to have them around.

    1. Family can be the greatest source of unconditional love.

    “The love that we share is this amazing, amazing love. No matter where we came from, when we came, how we came—it’s not this perfect science, but it’s the most beautiful gift.”

    2. Family relationships can provide a sense of security and personal identity.

    “[Family time] creates bonds that cannot be broken. It gives us reason to belong to something bigger than ourselves. We have opportunities to work as a team, forgive, repent, confide, console, etc. You can't replicate it.”

    3. Family time is fun!

    “When you’re having fun together, then you’re loving one another and you’re going to be happy.”