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    Goal Setting: Talking to Kids about Avoiding Pornography

    October 21, 2015

    Pornography is rampant in our world. At the click of a mouse, either intentional or accidental, you can be exposed to free inappropriate images and videos. According to President Spencer W. Kimball, pornography will “corrode the mind, snuff out self-esteem, and drag one down into the darkness of anguish and unhappiness.”

    With children becoming increasingly more agile online, how can you talk to them about avoiding this harmful pornographic content? Recently, a video came out on the Mormon Channel that can offer a good starting point for your discussion. What Do I Do When I See Pornography? offers advice from kids for kids on how to accurately identify pornography and how to avoid it and an addiction to it.

    After you watch the video together, talk with your children about it. Here are some helpful tips:

    • Ask them if they’ve ever seen something that could be defined as pornography and where they saw it.
    • Ask them how it made them feel.
    • Ask them if they have any questions for you.
    • Explain that viewing pornography can lead to a harmful addiction that can affect how they view themselves and how they will function in future relationships.

    Don’t make them feel ashamed, even if the pornographic viewing was intentional—children are naturally curious about their bodies and sexuality. They need to feel like talking to you about these subjects will be a safe and comfortable experience. Also, they may not have realized what pornography is or how damaging it can be. Explaining the reasons why they should avoid pornography will help them make good choices in the future. Putting appropriate blocks on your home computers and televisions can also help children know when a certain site or search is inappropriate.

    If you would like more information on how to have difficult conversations with your children, check out the Mormon Channel video series Family Conversations.