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    Give Back: Rolling with Service

    January 8, 2015

    “When somebody gets a wheelchair, especially someone who has been suffering—you know, crawling on the ground—the first impression you see is a big smiling face.” That’s what Malagie Bundor of Sierra Leone had to say about his new and improved quality of life.

    Malagie has suffered for his entire life from spina bifida. Recently, he was given the tools and knowledge to build his own wheelchair—gifts that he can now pass on to others in his community. But his neighbors aren’t the only people touched by his story. After watching the recent episode of our Give Back series, Mormon Channel fans like you have also felt the good effects.

    “This is such a cool video,” said one viewer, “Must-see!”

    Another commented, “It’s so inspiring to see the positive effect that wheelchair has on his life!”

    Thanks to his wheelchair, Malagie isn’t only able to move around his town; he’s able to get to school.

    “I use this wheelchair to enter into the classroom,” he explains. “I am able now to make a wheelchair for myself because I have been given the knowledge. I feel good that we make this wheelchair in this country. That’s a big thing. I am proud of it now. The last time I go into my village my father asked me, ‘Where do you get this wheelchair from?’ This wheelchair is made by myself.”

    There are many people around the world in need like Malagie was. But through we don’t just donate; we help teach self-reliance. Spread the word by sharing this video using the tag #igiveback. To learn how you can give back, visit

    “Inspiring message!” a viewer said, “Service to others does bring a big smiling face!”

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