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    Following God's Way: Developing Self Reliance Through Education

    September 24, 2015

    Education changes lives. It provides independence and hope for a brighter future.

    Elder L. Tom Perry said, "If we make an effort to obtain the best education available to us, we are in a better position to be self-sufficient and not to become a burden on the society in which we live."

    When we strive to learn more about the world, it can only benefit us. As we learn more, we can discern where that knowledge comes from and better understand revelations we receive.

    It helps us make a difference in the world because we learn and know how to do so and how the world works. It makes us self-reliant.

    And as President Russell M. Nelson once said, what we learn here, we take with us after this life.

    "Because of our sacred regard for each human intellect, we consider the obtaining of an education to be a religious responsibility. … Measured by this celestial standard, it is apparent that those who impulsively 'drop out' and cut short their education not only disregard divine decree but frustrate the realization of their own potential."

    Our mortal minds focus so much on the time element of life we forget we are eternal beings. To reach our full potential on earth and to satisfy our natural thirst for knowledge, we must do what we can to obtain the education we desire. If that means becoming a surgeon, you go to college, medical school, and a specialty school. If it means becoming a master welder, you go to a trade school and learn the necessary skills.

    It is only about improving you—and your biggest challenger is yourself.

    "You are only competing with yourself to do the best with whatever you have received," Elder Perry said. "Each talent that is developed will be greatly needed and will give you tremendous fulfillment and satisfaction during your life."

    As you endeavor to become the best person you can be, you become spiritually and temporally self-reliant.

    Education gives you the confidence you need to have in yourself.