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    Finding Time Every Day to Listen to God

    August 6, 2015

    When we forget to make time to listen to God, how can we receive His answers to our prayers?

    Communication in any relationship is a two-way street. As you pray, you talk to God. As you take time to listen, God talks to you. Too often, we talk to God without also setting aside time to search for His responses.

    Most days we get caught up in the seemingly important stream of things. Constantly rushing through life prevents us from hearing God. Don’t let your daily tasks or the distractions of the world keep you from noticing when God speaks to you through the still, small voice of the Spirit.

    Satan distracts us with many voices of discouragement, temptation, and fear. Because the voice of the Spirit is calm and quiet, it can easily be drowned out by these other voices if we don’t slow down and push away the internal chaos Satan is responsible for.

    So how can you find time every day? You must make time. Schedule a specific time if you have to. Make a goal that for a few minutes each morning, afternoon, or night you will go somewhere quiet—your bedroom, closet, bathroom, or car—where you can talk to God in prayer and then listen to Him without any distractions. Forms of listening include reading the scriptures, pondering the gospel, and writing in a journal.

    It requires faith and patience, but communicating with your Heavenly Father this way is what leads to peace (see Psalm 85:8), confidence, and eternal life.

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