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    Miracle Quadruplets

    April 21, 2015

    For eight years, Utah parents Ashley and Tyson Gardner struggled with the emotional and physical distress ofinfertility. In 2014, the Gardners learned they were expecting quadruplets after a final round of IVF treatment that was their final hope. All previous efforts, including multiple failed IVF treatments, had left them wondering if they would ever have children.

    Four healthy girls—two sets of identical twins—were born 12 weeks early on December 29, 2014. The baby girls, named Esme, Evangeline, Indie, and Scarlett, were two pounds at birth and continue to grow.

    Ashley and Tyson sat down with us to share their personal experience with sorrow, endurance, faith, and miracles. To learn more, listen to their interview on Mormon Channel Daily.

    How would having these babies have been a different experience for you if they had come 8 years ago, when you first started wanting a family?

    Ashley: This is something that I’ve definitely thought about a lot. It goes back to this: Everything happens in God’s time. We were meant to have quadruplet girls, and if we had been blessed with that when I first asked God eight years ago, we probably wouldn’t have been as prepared or as grateful. It would have been more terrifying. Four babies is not going to be easy, but going through infertility, growing, learning patience, and finally succeeding in the end has just made us more patient and more grateful. We’re ready to take this on. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Tyson: We believe firmly that our trials have given us the experience that we need to take care of these four girls. I couldn’t even imagine having four girls come into our family in the second year of marriage. That would have been chaos. We feel so close to each other now, we trust each other so much, and we’ve been through so much together that we don’t feel like there’s anything we can’t handle. Infertility is difficult. We’ve skinned our knees a lot. Trials definitely prepare you for your future. We know that our blessings have been given to us by God and that He has prepared us very well.

    Ashley: As hard as it is to go through infertility—or any trial—I can honestly say I am grateful for this trial. There were definitely times when I was not grateful for it, but it has taught be so much compassion, love, patience, empathy, and appreciation. It has taught us so much that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Trials are hard, but you have them for a reason. We’re stronger, better people because of this.

    What did you do in the most difficult times? How did you find hope?

    Ashley: Prayer.

    Tyson: Our faith was critical—without faith we probably wouldn’t have made it. We prayed a lot, and we had support from family, friends, and even strangers who could identify with our situation, which made it easier.

    How has this experience and changed your testimony of the gospel?

    Ashley: I’ve learned that your testimony grows not as a whole, but in different areas. Right now my testimony has grown in trial. We can do hard things. All of us can. That’s why you’re tested and you’re tried. With the strength and help of Heavenly Father you can do anything.

    Tyson: We’ve seen that faith and perseverance has rewards. Through our faith, we’ve been blessed. We’ve learned to stick with it. It might not happen today or tomorrow, but it will happen in God’s time. We know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s good to keep that faith and trust in your Father in Heaven.

    Ashley: Stay strong and stay prayerful. You have to just keep trying. You can’t give up. You can’t give up hope during any trial you are going through.