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    Daily Quote: The Miracle of Forgiveness

    June 3, 2017

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    "Repentance makes it possible to return to the straight and narrow path and become as pure as we were at baptism. We can all do what Christ asks us to do. He has a plan that will bring us happiness. As he whispers through the Spirit, he tells us how to follow his plan." —Dwan J. Young

    When Mike thought hope, happiness, and even life were over, prayer gave him power to pull through.

    Mike experimented with drugs and alcohol in high school. When he lost his dad to cancer, Mike became an alcoholic. Lost in sorrow and addiction, he began to think he was unworthy of living. One day, he glanced at a picture of Jesus that his dad had drawn. Something compelled Mike to kneel down and pray.

    “I had no idea what to say,” he admits. “The only words that I could get out were, ‘Help me. Help me.’ And as soon as those words left my lips, I felt His embrace and I knew that He loved me. I knew that I was worth something to Him.”

    Mike began rebuilding his faith, but challenges continued to come. His addictions were hard to beat. Then he and his girlfriend were in an accident that nearly killed them.

    “That accident gave me the circumstances that I needed to start to humble myself and to look to Him again. … He came to me, and He redeemed me. He saved my soul, where I didn’t think it could be saved anymore.”

    Are you or is someone you know facing similar challenges? Share this video and remember that the Jesus Christ never abandons us.

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