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    Conversations: Virginia Hinckley Pearce

    December 24, 2015

    The Conversations episode featuring Virginia Hinckley Pearce, former member of the general Young Women presidency, is both enlightening and entertaining. Sister Pearce is a wonderful example of faith and optimism, just like her parents, President Gordon B. and Sister Marjorie Pay Hinckley.

    Sister Pearce shares what it was like growing up in the home of a future prophet. She also discusses her testimony, attending the University of Utah, dating, motherhood, the passing of her husband, and more.

    Sister Pearce says her childhood wasn’t much different from anyone who grew up in a home with covenant-keeping parents. Her parents were both hard working, and they passed that trait on to their children.

    Sister Pearce goes on to talk about her testimony. She has always felt settled about the gospel. In fact, Sister Pearce first read the Book of Mormon when she was in the 3rd grade, and she hasn’t stopped reading since.

    It was at the University of Utah where Sister Pearce first met her husband, James. A year after they first met, the two of them started dating. They have five girls and one boy. Sister Pearce talks about becoming a mother, which was a hard start for her.

    James died at a young age from ALS. The couple had a mission call when James started showing symptoms. He was a doctor and suspected what was ahead. He died a little less than a year after the diagnosis. Although it was a harrowing experience, Sister Pearce calls it a sacred experience as well.

    Sister Pearce goes on to talk about authoring two books and the inspirations and takeaways from those experiences. She then goes on share her testimony that God lives and that we belong to Him. He is there; we need only open our heart to Him.

    We really enjoyed this episode of Conversations and believe you will too. You can find the full episode here.