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    Conversations: Christian and Stephanie Nielson

    February 17, 2016

    Whether you are facing big challenges or enjoying happy times, having perspective is the key to feeling truly content with your life.

    In 2008, Christian and Stephanie Nielson were involved in an airplane crash that left them severely burned but miraculously alive. Since that day, they have spent each day feeling grateful for the miracles that come as a result of faith, prayer, and Heavenly Father’s love for His children.

    “I have so much more perspective in my life of who I am and where we’re going as individuals, as a family group, and as husband and wife,” Stephanie says. “That knowledge is so powerful, and I would give anything now for what I’ve learned from this.”

    While she still cries at night due to physical and emotional pain, Stephanie says she wishes she had realized sooner that there is much to be grateful for.

    “There are so many people who are confused in their life right now about what’s important and what’s beautiful. Its what they have, right in front of them,” she states.

    On days when it is hard to feel grateful or to see the bright side, Christian and Stephanie agree that there is one thing that never fails to give them strength: there is at least one person who knows exactly what each of them is going through.

    That is true for you as well. Jesus Christ knows you, what you are facing, and how you are feeling. When there is no one or nothing else to turn to, He will always be there to comfort and guide you.

    Tell us about a time when you experienced His love in your own life.

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