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    Conversations: Sheri Dew

    November 12, 2015

    Sheri Dew is an incredible Latter-day Saint: a best-selling author, the president and CEO of Deseret Book, and a former member of the general Relief Society presidency. Sheri has had so many unique experiences, some of which she shares with us in this engaging Conversations episode.

    In this episode, Sheri talks about growing up on a large farm in western Kansas as the only Latter-day Saint among her group of friends. As a farm girl, Sheri learned firsthand the principle of “reaping what you sow.” Sheri also talks about her Grandma Dew and the example she was for Sheri at this time in her life and the tremendous influence she had and continues to have on her life.

    Sheri discusses candidly her school and employment careers. She regrets not trying out for the BYU women’s basketball team, but she did get to tour around the world playing the keyboard for the USO (United Services Organization). She then had several experiences that helped to prepare her for being the CEO and president of Deseret Book.

    Sheri also talks about the incredible spiritual experiences that she had while writing the biographies for both President Ezra Taft Benson and President Gordon B. Hinckley, and she shares some insight into their personalities and leadership styles. She then goes on to talk about the role of women in the Church today and the power and impact they can have in building up the kingdom of God on the earth.

    She also shares how her life has not turned out how she thought or hoped it would, as far as getting married and having a family goes. However, she knows that she has had some incredible experiences that she wouldn’t have thought possible. She bears powerful testimony of how the gospel brings so much peace and happiness, despite the disappointments, pain, and discouragement she has had.

    We love the wisdom and spirit of Sheri Dew and are grateful for her experiences shared in this Conversations episode.

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