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    Conversations: Michael Otterson

    October 29, 2015

    In this special Conversations interview we hear from Michael Otterson, managing director of the Public Affairs Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Michael gives unique perspective and insight into sharing the gospel and reacting to inquiries about the Church. Whether you are a member or not, this episode is very informative. Michael discusses that sharing the gospel is not about you; it’s about the message that you are carrying. It is about educating people and being genuine and kind in sharing your experiences and testimony.

    As the Church grows, we see more and more members sharing their beliefs with the world. This can bring up a lot of questions and conversations. As members of the Church, we have a responsibility to share the gospel, but many are afraid to do so for several reasons.

    Michael reminds us that we don’t have to know everything about the doctrine or the history of the Church in order to share our testimonies. There is no need to feel intimidated. Sharing the gospel is about sharing your experiences openly and authentically. Share what you know in response to questions, and offer to find answers to what you may not know.

    Michael also stresses the importance of sensing the level of interest and understanding of the person inquiring about the gospel. Make sure you recognize their familiarity with Christianity and tailor the conversation accordingly. Use language that they would recognize so you can build a foundation of understanding with them.

    To learn more, listen to this episode, as well as other Conversations on Mormon Channel.