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    Conversations: Jane Clayson Johnson

    December 3, 2015

    This week we are featuring the Conversations episode with Jane Clayson Johnson, award winning network news anchor and author, along with her husband Mark Johnson. Jane and Mark are a powerhouse couple and their interview is fascinating.

    Jane discusses growing up in Sacramento, learning the violin and then receiving a violin scholarship to BYU, where she played in the philharmonic orchestra. She also talks about changing her major from music to journalism and then moving to New York for her first job, which was just the beginning of an incredible career in the news.

    It is fascinating to hear about the places Jane has visited and the people she has interviewed. She had an incredible journey in journalism, which she ultimately gave up in order to take care of her family. Jane and Mark discuss that decision and the need to rely on the Lord and the Holy Ghost for guidance.

    Jane talks about the transition from prestigious career woman to mother. She admits that it was hard for her, but also stresses the importance of the great work of caring for children at home.

    Near the end of the episode, we hear Jane and Mark share their testimonies and advice for listeners. Mark stresses seeking the kingdom of heaven and receiving confirmation for decisions, while Jane discusses living a life in which the Lord knows He can trust you.

    This is such an interesting episode, that you can listen to here. For additional inspiration, please visit or like us on Facebook.