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    Conversations: Getting to Know Heidi Swinton

    January 26, 2016

    This week’s Conversations episode is unique and powerful, as we hear from Heidi Swinton, the author of President Thomas S. Monson’s biography, To the Rescue.

    Heidi is also an award-winning author and screenwriter, journalist by training, wife, mother, grandmother, and so much more. She is a remarkable woman with some fascinating insight into the life of President Thomas S. Monson.

    Heidi’s husband served as mission president in London, and it was there that she got the call from President Monson, asking her to write his biography. She was shocked and figured she must have done something wrong to get a direct call from the prophet. Of course she hadn’t, and she accepted the challenge.

    Heidi discusses video conferencing with the prophet once a month to gain insight into his life and direction for the book.

    In this interview, Heidi shares many stories about President Monson that demonstrate his Christlike character. President Packer said about President Monson, “He is more Christlike than the rest of us. He’s known for emphasizing and elevating things that are most important, the ordinary things. He is the one for whom the widow and the orphan are not just statements in the book.”

    All the stories Heidi shares confirm that statement. President Monson is remarkable. He is showing us the way to the Savior.

    We encourage you to listen to this episode to learn more about our prophet, as well as the incredible woman he asked to write his story.