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    Blessing Others Lives through Donations

    February 2, 2016

    At Deseret Industries (DI), your donation makes a difference. It’s more than just an object on a shelf. It could be the right item, donated at the right time, in the right place to help someone in need.

    Right Item

    “I remember getting a phone call from a bishop,” said Nephi Carter, the store manager. “He said, ‘A member of my ward—his livelihood was just stolen.’”

    He explained that the member was a traveling mechanic whose tools had been stolen earlier in the week and asked if there was anything that Deseret Industries could do to help.

    The manager was concerned because tools came in rarely, especially the kind that the mechanic would need. He said, “You know what, Bishop, … maybe somewhere, somehow, somebody will be inspired to donate it.”

    The very next week, another branch contacted Nephi. A family had just dropped off an entire set of tools. Their father had recently passed away, and they weren’t sure what to do with them, so they brought them to DI, hoping someone else could use them.

    Right Time

    James* was a consumer advocate at Red Rock Center for Independence. He was working with a young man who recently broke his neck in a four-wheeling accident.

    The young man’s hospital stay was coming to a close, but his recovery would need to be completed at home in a fully-functioning hospital bed. Time was short, and James was out of ideas.

    So he drove to his nearest Deseret Industries, not sure where else to look.

    James asked the manager if they happened to have any hospital beds in stock. The manager explained that his branch received hospital beds from time to time but that the likelihood of acquiring one that would meet the young man’s needs was very slim.

    He invited James into his office, and together they offered a prayer.

    Not two hours later, their prayers were answered when a man pulled up with a hospital bed in the bed of his truck.

    Right Place

    A few years ago, a family came into Deseret Industries. Christmas was around the corner, and money was tight. They knew Christmas would be different this year, but they wanted to give their son what they could.

    As they were looking around, Matt Kemp, an associate, walked up and asked if he could help them find anything. The couple turned to their son and asked if there was anything that he wanted. But he kept quiet.

    After a little persuasion, he admitted that he’d like a bike. The associate helped him try out several different bikes, but to his dismay none were a good fit for the boy.

    It was getting late, and the family was a long way from home, but Matt felt impressed to ask them to stay just a little longer. A few minutes later, as he was walking around the collectibles cage in back, he found the perfect bike, donated anonymously at just the right time.

    Miracles happen here every day. Matt said, “The Lord is on our side here at the DI. If it’s a real need, it shows up, because people donate their items” (DI Donations, Deseret Industries).

    Interested in donating? Find your local store.

    *Name has been changed.