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    New LDS Partnership with

    March 12, 2015

    parents and adopted children

    You might have heard about the new relationship between LDS Family Services and If you have not, this is the update.

    LDS Family Services is working with, the Internet’s most popular adoption service, to help increase adoption opportunities for hopeful LDS adoptive parents and to provide resources for parents who would like to place a child for adoption.

    For the next year, LDS Family Services is covering the cost for eligible LDS couples to include their adoption profiles on’s leading Parent Profile site, as well a section of the site specifically for LDS couples.

    To qualify for this service, hopeful adoptive couples must:

    • Have a bishop’s recommendation.
    • Be married in the temple.
    • Have current temple recommends.
    • Have a current adoption home study.

    This news marks a big shift. Prior to last year, LDS Family Services operated a full-service adoption agency. However, on June 17, 2014, they announced they were changing direction. Instead of providing licensed adoption services for a limited number of Church members, they expanded their services.

    Their new direction includes providing free adoption consultation services to anyone who needs assistance in identifying community adoption resources; providing free professional counseling for all single expectant parents who are referred by their Church leaders, regardless of whether they are considering marriage, placing a child for adoption, or being a single parent; and helping hopeful adoptive couples and parents who choose to place their child for adoption to find each other.

    When single expectant parents and hopeful adoptive couples do find each other, LDS Family Services, upon request, may be able to assist them in the identification of local resources to complete their adoption. These adoptions, known as independent adoptions, will often be much less expensive than traditional adoption agency adoptions. In fact, many adoption agencies are changing their service offerings to be able to help couples complete their independent adoptions.

    So if you or someone you know is looking to adopt, visit and to learn more.

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