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    Be Still, My Soul - Message Behind the Song

    April 30, 2016

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    Many of you have seen our new music video, Be Still, My Soul, and shared how it inspired you. We asked the singer, Jill Chipman, what the video’s message meant to her, and her response was amazing.

    A few nights ago there was a knock on my door. I opened it to find a member of my ward. He said to me:

    “Jill, I had to come here to tell you that I have now watched this video a dozen times. I am a pharmacist and deal with many patients who struggle with addiction. What I have felt from this video has changed me. It has given me compassion for my patients that I've never felt before. I have shown this to my staff and several patients. Thank you for your part in making this needed and powerful video. It will change lives.”

    I believe that is the purpose of this video—for each of us to have more compassion with others and ourselves. And for each one of us to feel God’s love in our own lives so that we can return to live with Him “at last,” as the song says.

    Hear Jill describe of her experience recording the song in this written interview and this episode of Mormon Channel Daily.

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