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    15 Ways for Kids to Help Refugees

    April 15, 2016

    Kids playing together

    True friendships can blossom from the simplest acts of kindness. Michelle Madsen and her daughters found that kind of friendship when they invited a family of refugees over for dinner one evening.

    After dinner, they made Valentine’s crafts together, which was especially fun for Napli-born Alina and Esther because they had never celebrated Valentine’s Day before.

    “Valentine’s Day is a day that you show people you love them and care about them,” said Michelle’s 9-year-old daughter, Caroline. “So this is how we are showing how we care about [Alina and Esther].”

    There are many ways children can reach out to local refugees their age living in their communities. Consider these 15 ideas.

    1. Learn about refugees.
    2. Include everyone.
    3. Have a play date with someone new.
    4. Do homework together.
    5. Help new friends learn English.
    6. Stand up for kids who are bullied.
    7. Teach each other songs and jokes.
    8. Read together.
    9. Sit next to a new friend at lunch.
    10. Invite someone new to play during recess.
    11. Learn a new sport.
    12. Teach a new sport.
    13. Become a pen pal.
    14. Compliment someone.
    15. Look for opportunities to show kindness every day.

    These 40 additional ways for anyone to help refugees could give you an idea that leads to a lasting friendship.

    Was there a time you gave or received service that changed your perspective, or simply made you happy? We want to hear about it! Sharing your story could help somebody just like you.

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