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    What Joseph Smith's First Vision Means For You

    May 3, 2016

    When Joseph Smith was just 14 years old, he had a vision in which He saw and spoke with God and Jesus Christ. But what does his experience have to do with your life or happiness? In a recent worldwide broadcast, Elder Richard J. Maynes explained Joseph’s vision and shared the facts we learn from it that could change the way you think about God—and about yourself.

    1. We learn the scriptures are true, and can be taken literally and applied in our lives.

    2. We learn to put our trust in God and look to Him for answers to life’s most important questions and not to put our trust in man.

    3. We learn that prayers are answered according to our unwavering faith, and according to Heavenly Father’s will.

    4. We learn the reality of Satan’s existence and that he has actual power to influence the physical world, including us.

    5. We learn that Satan’s power is limited by God’s power.

    6. We learn that we can overcome Satan by calling upon God and putting our complete faith and trust in the Lord.

    7. We learn that where there is light, darkness must depart.

    8. We learn that we are created in God’s image.

    9. We learn that God knows us personally and is aware of our needs and concerns.  He called Joseph by name.

    10. We learn that when we care enough to desire God’s input in our life, He will reveal a refining course for us.

    What truths have you learned from Joseph Smith’s First Vision? How has the Lord answered you as you have sought for truth and answers to questions you have had?

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