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Keeping track of John and John.

01/18/23 | 1 min read
Both the Apostle and the baptist are described in John 1.

The beginning of the Gospel of John can be a little confusing. The Apostle John wrote the book, but he’s not the “John” this chapter is about—it’s John the Baptist. When John the Apostle does refer to himself, he almost never says “I” or “me” or even “John,” but he calls himself “the disciple whom Jesus loved”1 or the “other disciple.”2

John the Apostle was a follower of John the Baptist before the Savior began His ministry. So were some of the Lord’s other Apostles. John the Baptist’s mission was to prepare people for the Savior,3 so the fact that some of his followers recognized the Savior when He came meant John had done a good job!

It seems something John the Apostle and John the Baptist had in common was that they didn’t want to take too much credit for themselves. Both testified of the Savior and kept the focus on Him, where it belonged. Good job, Johns!

Questions for John(s)

Imagine you could ask John the Apostle or John the Baptist any questions. What would you ask?

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