Kassidy: Trust in the Lord
Gospel Living

Kassidy trusted the Lord when she went to FSY.

12/14/22 | 1 min read
Her story is part of a series about this year’s theme.

“This year I had to leave home to go to college. All of my friends were leaving on missions and going to different colleges. I moved from a small town where I knew everyone to a big city and a big university where I didn’t know anyone. I had so many fears and anxieties about moving and going to a new school.

“Three weeks before school started, I was able to attend FSY. The Spirit flooded my life. I learned to truly trust in the Lord. They asked us to focus on the lyrics of the youth theme song. This part sunk deep into my heart:

When darkness comes,
We’ll find our way back home.
We will trust in the Lord.

“I know that he is my home, and when I trust in Him, I have no need to fear. Moving to college has still been a hard adjustment, but Heavenly Father blessed me with amazing roommates and great friends who help me to trust in the Lord every day. He truly helps, guides, and protects me each and every day.”

Next Year’s Theme

The theme for 2023 is “I can do all things through Christ.” What will you do to make this theme part of your life?