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Gospel Living

Just keep moving, one spiritual step at a time!

02/17/23 | 1 min read
How do you maintain your momentum?

If you’ve taken a class in physics, this equation might look familiar:

p = mv

In other words, momentum equals mass times acceleration. Both how big an object is and how fast it is moving affect the amount of force it has.

So how does the idea of momentum apply to us spiritually? There’s no single right answer, but here are a few ideas to think about:

  • Am I making choices that help me grow and strengthen my testimony? (It’s kind of like increasing your spiritual mass.)
  • Do I set aside time to listen to the Spirit? How eager am I to respond to the Lord’s call when an impression comes?
  • What helps me have the spiritual energy to keep moving forward each day?

Before Elder Renlund shared the quote above, the prophet also spoke about spiritual momentum and gave five ideas for keeping that momentum strong. You can check out that talk here. Let’s help each other keep moving in the right direction!

Help from the Holy Ghost

How has the Holy Ghost helped you in your life? This would be a great thing to write about in your journal!

Read or watch Elder Renlund’s talk, “A Framework for Personal Revelation.”