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Jesus fed thousands with five loaves and two fishes.

03/29/23 | 1 min read
Imagine what He can do with what you have to offer!

The Savior had been preaching all day to a big crowd. Now it was getting late and folks were hungry. The apostles assumed He would just send them home, but the Savior had another idea.

Watch this short video about Jesus Christ feeding the 5,000 with some bread and fish that a boy donated. This miracle served an immediate need, of course—it fed hungry people—but are there larger lessons we can learn from this? For example, isn’t it awesome that, with the Savior’s help, a young man was able to bless thousands of people with the little he had to offer?

Never doubt how powerful your influence can be when you partner with the Lord!

Imagine You Were There

Imagine you were someone in the crowd, or the boy who brought the loaves and fishes, when this miracle happened. What might you think or feel?