Young Women and Young Men Themes
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It’s time for a theme challenge!

11/21/21 | 1 min read
Our way of asking you for help.

Guess what? The For the Strength of Youth magazine wants to share a story about you!

Specifically, they’re looking for experiences related to the Young Men and Young Women themes.

  • Young women out there should be familiar with this line from the Young Women theme: “With faith, I will strengthen my home and family.” When have you helped your family in some way? How has your faith blessed those you love?
  • And, young men, here’s a line from the Young Men theme: “I will prepare to become a … loyal husband, and loving father by being a true disciple of Jesus Christ.” How are you preparing for the future? When have you followed the Savior?

Write your personal story in about 300 words (2–3 paragraphs). Then send it to us at

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Your Answers

In addition to emailing us, you could copy your responses into your journal!